Provost Marshal's Office

Camp Lejeune Marines reported thousands of dollars lost as they have become unsuspecting victims of social media scams.

Online scams have been on the rise since 2014, costing Marines and Sailors hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most recently, criminals have used social media to solicit service members to take part in a "make money quick cash scheme,” according to the Provost Marshal’s Office on MCB Camp Lejeune.

Scenarios include posing as a "friend" on social media by using a copied or hacked profile, then requesting money or bank information to take out a loan in the service member's name. The service member "thinks" they have received a large deposit, which is in fact the loan that was taken out. Unfortunately, the service member then sends the majority of the funds to the "friend," only to find out they now owe several thousand dollars on a loan. A warning from PMO that “service members are often responsible for repaying the loan balance since they voluntarily provided their bank information.”


- Beware of receiving unsolicited direct messages promising large sums of money from known "friends" or unknown contacts online

- Never give out your bank account number or login information to ANYONE

- Never give your social media login information as it can be used to conduct criminal activity

- Never agree to receive a large transfer of money through social media

- Never agree to purchase and/or sell items in the mail, such as gift cards or other valuables

- Never agree to transfer money utilizing cash apps or electronic account transfers -- use your bank if you need to wire money

- Change your online passwords for banking and social media frequently

- Verify your online accounts' privacy and security settings

- Monitor your credit report for unauthorized accounts

If you believe you are a victim of a crime, immediately report it to Military Police at 910-451-3004, local law enforcement, your bank and your chain of command.