During the storm

• Listen to the radio or TV for information.
• Turn the refrigerator and freezer to its coldest setting and keep the doors closed.
• Avoid using the phone except for emergencies.
• Stay indoors during the storm and away from windows and glass doors.
• Close all interior doors.
• Keep curtains and blinds closed.
• Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level of your home.
Primary shelters for Camp Lejeune & MCAS New River:
1) Wallace Creek Fitness Center, Bldg. WC-100 (Max. Capacity: 620)
2) Tarawa Terrace II Elementary School, Bldg. TT-84 (Max. Capacity:
3) MCAS New River Gym, Bldg. AS-4000 (Max. Capacity: 125)
4) MCAS New River Fitness Center, Bldg. AS-4400 (Max. Capacity: 200)
Please note that none of these shelters are able to accommodate pets - only
certified service animals. Onslow County and the Red Cross operate the only
pet shelter in the immediate area at Jacksonville Commons Middle School.
Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune will serve as a storm shelter for
expectant mothers who fall within the following criteria:
1) 37+ weeks or further along in your pregnancy (TRICARE patients).
NMCCL has compiled a list of patients who are 37+ weeks or further along for
2) Classified as a very high risk pregnancy. You will be called by a
provider today (September 10) for confirmation. If you have questions about
your very high risk pregnancy, you may call Triage at (910) 450-3003.
If you are classified within the above criteria, you and your family members
may shelter at NMCCL no earlier than Wednesday, Sept. 12. A more definitive
time frame for admitting expectant patients for shelter will be released in
the coming day. For additional details, please contact Naval Medical Center
Camp Lejeune.