Energy Efficiency

You can do your part when it comes to energy conservation, whether you're in the home or deployed.

October is Energy Action Month and this year Marine Corps Installations East is focusing on innovative ways to improve our energy security.

Energy Security is separated into three pillars Reliability, Resilience and Efficiency.

Reliable Energy

Warfighters abroad and at home require a cyber secure source of reliable energy. This means having quality, diversified energy resources and infrastructure for continuity of power. It also involves eliminating single points-of-failure that could jeopardize our energy supply. Reliable energy is also cyber secure.

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point are doing their part to improve our energy reliability through an array of energy projects including new sub-stations at MCB Camp Lejeune and updating switching stations at MCAS Cherry Point.

Energy Resilience

As our nation’s elite fighting force, we are resilient, and our energy resources should be too. This means having energy infrastructure and resources that can outlast the various threats to our electrical grid, such as natural disasters, destructive weather and physical threats.

MCIEAST is making strides toward energy resilience by PV optimization and potential battery storage at MCB Camp Lejeune and advanced metering systems at MCAS Cherry Point.

Energy Efficiency

Marines are no stranger to doing more with less. This same warrior spirit can be translated to the way we consume energy both at home and on the battlefield. Continued use of innovative energy performance management practices and efficient technologies will maximize funding available for future operational capabilities.

Our installations are always finding new ways to improve energy efficiency through technology and infrastructure upgrades. Take action this Energy Action Month and do your part to make our installations energy secure. For more information, visit