Marine Corps Services Marines set up in a temporary outdoor Marine Corps Exchange (MCX) to support Marines and sailors on Camp Lejeune, March 26.

These Marines provided supplies and necessities from the MCX to service members under a restriction of movement (ROM) status due to COVID-19, which included food, drinks, hygiene products and uniform items sold while maintaining zero contact between the MCCS Marines and the Marines and sailors in ROM.

“This helps boost the Marines’ morale from being away,” said Gunnery Sgt. Carl J. Wilderom, deployment coordinator with MCCS. “It helps them get in the right mindset to continue until they get out.”

To ensure the safety and health of all Marines involved, physical contact was avoided. Marines wore gloves in handling all products, stood six feet apart until ready to purchase, sleeves were rolled down and cash was not accepted.

“This is for the Marines to get some personal items, general comfort foods and sweets to make life a little easier,” said 1st Lt. Michael Howard, anti-terrorism force protection officer. “We intend to have this operation running for as long as we need to ensure our Marines get what they need.”

The MCCS Marines will continue to support their fellow service members who might encounter ROM while returning from deployments and various operations worldwide.