GEOINT beautifies Camp Lejeune

Marines clear cyclist and stroller sand obstacles along the PT trail.

When it comes to looking professional, Marines take pride in going the extra mile. Marines with Geospacial Information and Intelligence (GEOINT) Platoon, Operations Company, 2nd Intelligence Battalion decided to take pride in the way their base looks and operates.

The Marines conducted a reinforced police call along three miles of the Wilson Boulevard physical training trail, Nov. 1, at Geoint Point on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The trail was identified as having trash strewn along it with sections completely obstructed by sand washes that had been packed by months, if not years, of weather and wear.

Sgt. Jordon C. Lazaro coordinated more than a dozen Marines working in three teams to clear three miles from the 2nd Intelligence Battalion building to Brewster Boulevard. During the two hours of clean up, an estimated 80 pounds of trash was cleared off the trail along with an estimated two tons of sand and debris.

The hard work that Sgt. Lazaro and the 2nd Intelligence Marines displayed not only demonstrated pride in their base, but resulted in a functional PT path that bicyclists, runners and strollers alike can enjoy.