Sgt. Maj. Troy E. Black, 19th sergeant major of the Marine Corps, visited Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, Jan. 8.

During his second visit to MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River since assuming his role as the Marine Corps’ senior enlisted, he toured public private venture (PPV) housing areas, and visited with Marines, Sailors and their families.

“My intent was to go out and see PPV housing and meet with [those who run] Marine and Family Programs, Marine Corps Community Services personnel and to visit with Marines and Sailors all across the Marine Expeditionary Force,” said Black. “Additionally, to visit the child development centers, the schools and the other programs MCCS and Marine and Family Programs provide for the Marines and Sailors at Camp Lejeune.”

According to Sgt. Maj. Bobby Frazier, sergeant major of Headquarters and Support Battalion, Marine Corps Installations East - MCB Camp Lejeune, Black is knowledgeable about PPV housing due to his experience in the Marine Corps, but was enlightened with the differences between housing options that are available to the Marines. Additionally, he marveled at the many changes at each of the bases, to include the addition of the new road networks.

“Camp Lejeune has changed immensely,” Black said. “Getting from Camp Geiger to Mainside is a new experience for those who were here 20 years ago before the bypass was put into place. It’s been a complete turnaround over the last 30 years.”

“While new infrastructure developments have changed the face of MCB Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River, [Black] learned that our Marines are continuing to train, Marines are deploying and he’s confident that MCIEAST assets are providing II MEF the ability to project combat power forward,” Frazier said.

Black offered advice to today’s service members and their families.

“Marines, Sailors, families: continue to put your best foot forward,” Black said. “Remember what our mission is: to train, to fight and win and take care of our families and to continue to push forward and do great things. Mission first, Marines always. Marines first, family always. Semper Fidelis.”