Students of the Basic Landing Support Specialist Course train to load helicopters on a range near Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Nov. 5. This was the first time the students in this class got to conduct this training. 

Transcript: (Sgt. Fortier) Right now we're training for star lifts or helicopter support team for the students to actually do star lifts with the helicopters that we have out here. So I personally care for the quality of this training. One, because myself and my other instructors are under the helicopter with the Marines. So we need top notch training so they don't hurt themselves or hurt other people. So for the battlefield, this is a great way for Marines to get resupplied. If we have 0311 or 0331's downrange in the fight, and they need to be get resupplied with chow and ammo, this is a great way if they get resupplies. They're trying to push a convoy through a city, and get hit with IEDs or indirect fire, we just bring a new load to the bird, the bird can pick it up and bring it to the Marines down at the battlefield to get resupplied or whatever they need.