It will be tough for Marines to fight effectively without the right amount and type of ammunition for the mission. Thankfully, there are specific Marines who specialize in supplying the necessary ammunition for winning battles.

Marines with Ammunition Company (Ammo Co.), 2nd Supply Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 25, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, constructed a field ammunition supply point (FASP) in support of 2nd Marine Division on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, March 27.

“When we deploy to a hostile environment, we have all the logistical support and supplies we need to run the FASP, because we practiced it here,” said Sgt. Joshua Saunders, a quality assurance non-commissioned officer with Ammo Co.

The FASP receives ammunition requests from the units through the Total Ammunition Management Information System. After some administration work, ammunition technicians will separate everything from 5.56 millimeter small arm to high explosives ordnance for units to pick up.

“Our day-to-day operation consists of pulling the ammunition and giving it to the units who need it,” said Cpl. Matthew Vannortwick, a team leader with Ammo Co.

When units have left over ammunition, they bring it to a turn-in station where ammunition technicians count the left over and store it.

“You don’t have the comfort of your home,” Vannortwick said. “You have to live in the field. You have to get along with your team to get the job done.”