Moving to a new base after receiving Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders can be a stressful time for military members and their families. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), a U.S. Department of Defense mandatory enrollment program, is available to assist active-duty military personnel with family members who have special medical or educational needs.

The EFMP ensures sponsors with exceptional family members are assigned to a duty station where medical, educational and specialty services exist to support their exceptional family member per Marine Corps Order 1754.4B.

“We want to make sure the resources our Marines need are available at their next duty station before they transfer,” said Daryl Witt, a training education outreach specialist for EFMP. “We’re going to set all that up ahead of time and be proactive. We don’t want to send the Marine someplace where there is no care available to support the family.”

An exceptional family member must have a physical, intellectual or emotional need that requires specialized medical or educational support services to enroll into the program. The specific needs of the family will be outlined in enrollment paperwork.

EFMP ensures the Marines and their families are still mission ready.

“The Marine will still be able to function like any other Marine because this program will help support and make sure that their family is ready,” Witt said.

Case workers are assigned to every family enrolled into the EFMP. To guide members through the enrollment process, case workers will connect families to medical, educational, and community services, assist families with special educational needs and provide resource, referral and support throughout the PCS transition.

“One of the biggest benefits is having a case worker,” Witt said. “Our case workers are a really knowledgeable group, and it is better to have someone that is right there to help you from beginning to end.” 

For more information about the EFMP, visit or call their Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune office at 451-4394