Chief Warrant Officer Jeffery Dovan was recognized for winning the physical fitness category of the U.S. Marine Corps Mobile Application Challenge during the 10th annual Commands, Controls, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Summit in Ch… Read more

Normally, Sgt. Destany Weatherwax is prepping meals for thousands of Marines. But, on Dec. 8, she instead focused her culinary skills on impressing judges while navigating a kitchen full of food service specialists during the Chef of the Quarter competition aboard Marine Corps Air Station Ch… Read more

In addition to their tactical and technical skills, all Marines maintain the art of being expeditionary. Marines, no matter their role, are expected to be able to react in any environment. Supporting units must be able to continue to provide support while forward-deployed or in the field. Be… Read more

Sgt. Benjamin Bonilla attentively listens over the radio as his student gives a pilot clearance to land on the runway. He watches the Marines hands through the dim light as they glide over the brightly colored keys on a control panel as he kept a smooth reassuring tone with the pilot prepari… Read more

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A memorial service for Maj. Ian Brinkley was held at the McCutcheon Memorial Chapel on Marine Corps Air Station New River, Dec. 2. Brinkley served in Okinawa, Iraq and Afghanistan and died Oct. 30, 2016 after a battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Read more

During this time of year, it’s "Merry Christmas" in America, "Feliz Navidad" in Mexico, "Good Jul" in Sweden, and "Zalig Kerstfeast" in Netherlands, while families and friends celebrate all the wonderful ways of Christmas. This year DeLalio Elementary School featured countries from all aroun… Read more

Santa Claus rode around local communities spreading Christmas spirit and greeting local families at Marine Corps Air Station New River during the Santa Express event, Dec. 2. Read more

These days, when Cpl. Aaron J. Rayburn is hauling a fellow Marine to safety across the water survival training pool, his days as an airframe mechanic seem like a lifetime away. But it was only a year ago when the Marine Transport Squadron 1 Marine found himself looking at a chance to shed hi… Read more

More than 1,800 Marines, Sailors and members of the local community came together during the 8th annual WRNS Guitar Pull at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Nov. 16 to enjoy another of these popular, free concerts. Like previous years, the stage was jammed with country music artists li… Read more

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Marines, Sailors and the local community came together to honor the veterans of America at Beaufort National Cemetery, Nov. 11. The Tri-command and local community held a Veterans Day parade and ceremony to remember, honor and celebrate the men and women who have served and are currently ser… Read more

The sun blazed. Sand blasted everything in its path. A Marine sat in a turret, squinting and looking around for eminent danger. The sound of tactical vehicles made a thunderous sound traversing the dirt terrain. Just as his convoy crested a hill an explosion rocked the earth — and then darkness. Read more

The Tri-command is hosting events and activities to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink Movie Night and Pink Bowling Night are some of the events held this year. Read more

All military police officers are trained in distinctive skills that allow them help accomplish their command’s mission. But, what separates them is the lessons learned through stories and experiences from the staff in their unit. That is where the Provost Marshal’s Office of Marine Corps Air… Read more

The Newborg’s won the Military Family of the Quarter award for the work they have done to help the community and maintain a positive image of the Marine Corps. To win the award takes both commitment and personal time invested in the local community. Read more

"I joined because it was family tradition," said Mauro. "Both my father and grandfather served. My grandfather was in the Navy and my father was in the Army. I also joined because I wanted to kind of show them up because the Marine Corps is better than the other services. I had to one up them." Read more

After braving the elements, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort is returning to normal operations days after Hurricane Matthew swept the East Coast. The planning and preparation prior to Matthew was the key to a prompt recovery of main base operations and establishing infrastructure. Read more

Friends and family members welcomed home Marines with Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 4 on Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Oct. 10 and 15. Read more

As Staff Sgt. Craig W. Harriman looks around his office, which is decorated with 12 years of awards and acknowledgements, he reflects on the day he first stepped into a career planner’s office on Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Caolina. Read more

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Marines from Marine Wing Support Detachment 31 conducted multi-purpose training aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Sept. 8. Read more

Marine Wing Support Detachment 31 conducted field training aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort to prepare for an upcoming exercise, Aug. 29-31. The three day field training exercise was conducted for the 4th Marine Regiment’s Integrated Training Exercise which will take place aboard Mar… Read more

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Beginning his last month of active service in the Marine Corps, Sgt. Nathaniel Schrupp is taking the knowledge and experience he gained in the Corps and turning the page into a new chapter of his life. Even with his Marine Corps career coming to a close, his motivation is still high and he s… Read more

Marines assigned to Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 28 negotiated land and sea during their second annual Warrior Day on Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Sept. 1. Read more

High-pitched voices, squealing with excitement, call out to Sergio, as he enters the room; changing the atmosphere circling the open room. His voice, full of joy, greets the enthusiastic children. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade children climb on Sergio like he is an old oak tree in the front yar… Read more

Marines are held to the core values of honor, courage and commitment every day while on and off-duty. Throughout their careers, Marines serve the U.S. and the local areas surrounding their duty station and hometowns. Read more

Marines assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, and Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, competed against one another during an annual field meet aboard MCAS Cherry Point, Aug. 12. Read more

Lance Cpl. William Wallace, center, speaks with Brig. Gen. Matthew G. Glavy about aircraft maintenance being conducted by Marines assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 312, Marine Aircraft Group 31, 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C., Aug. 4, 2016. … Read more

Marines and sailors from the Tri-command teamed up with local law enforcement to celebrate National Night Out 2016 at Naval Hospital Beaufort on Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, Aug 2. "It is important for the community to get to know us and the programs we have available to help them," sa… Read more