The Marine Corps Engineer School hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Field Meet on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, March 14.

Marines competed in a variety of events designed to strengthen community and camaraderie.

“Events like these help grow camaraderie, and the units get bragging rights,” said Cpl. Kyle Hanna, of 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion (2nd CEB). “The engineer field is a well-rounded field. We show that we can do a lot of other jobs that other MOSs [Military Occupational Specialty] have along with our jobs, which is a really good feeling.”

Plus, it’s fun.

“It feels good to be out here today and see all of the engineer field come together, putting our skills to the test,” Hanna said.

Capt. Nick Pinkerton, of 2nd CEB, said seven engineer units from throughout the East Coast participated in the field meet. He said many of the Marines competing from those units had trained at the Marine Corps Engineer School on Camp Lejeune.

“They are now back at the schoolhouse once again having a good time competing,” Pinkerton said.

The field meet included 14 events, including one in which Marines pulled a backhoe loader by rope.

“Each key event in the field meet is based on some sort of MOS that is in the engineer battalion,” said Master Gunnery Sgt. Lewis Martin, operations chief for 2nd CEB.

Martin said the participants were excited about the chance to compete.

“The Marines were super pumped up,” Martin said.

The 6th Engineer Support Battalion won the meet, followed by 2nd CEB in second and Marine Corps Engineer School Utilities Instruction Company in third.

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