OIT coming in 2021

A digital graphic depicts the layout of the new outdoor infantry immersion trainer on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The outdoor infantry immersion trainer will have 89 building stuctures for Marines to train onat the platoon level. Construction will begin in September of 2019 and be finished in the spring of 2021.

Construction for a new outdoor infantry immersion trainer (O-IIT) is beginning this month next to the Mobile Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT) training complex off Lyman Road on Camp Lejeune.

The eight-acre complex will support training for platoon-sized units and will consist of 89 one and two-story buildings, roads capable of supporting tactical vehicle traffic and reinforced roof structures for fast-roping inserts.

“The planned prospective is going to be a third world non-country specific environment,”

said Tim Seamon, range development officer for Camp Lejeune’s Range and Training Area Management Division.

Camp Lejeune currently has an indoor IIT, and the new O-IIT will provide II Marine Expeditionary Force units with scenario based realistic training, creating a fully immersive environment using atmospherics such as country specific role players, pyrotechnics, subject matter experts, sound and smell generators.

“The O-IIT is co-located with our other MOUT training complex facility to add to its training value as a platoon objective in a larger company-to-battalion-sized MOUT training exercise,” Seamon said.

Scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2021, the new O-IIT will enable Marines to train to the highest standard in order to succeed in combat to win this nation’s battles.