Earlier this week, 13 Marines started their first day of class at Airstreams Renewables, Inc. (ARI), a skill bridge program to help military service members transition into a civilian career after their service.

“You hear a lot of companies say ‘veteran friendly’ but what does that really mean if you don’t have the proof,” said Brandon Richardson, training specialist. “Airstreams does that. We give training and skills to these transitioning service members to get them certified and make connections with employers.”

ARI is a seven-week course with several modules in the curriculum that leave service members certified in 12 areas of work. Certifications include authorized climber and rescue, electrical metering safety, CADWELD and several others.

“Everybody loves service members,” said Andrew Mejia, training supervisor. “We just want to provide the service member, that they already love, with some nationally recognized and nationally accredited skills.”

ARI currently has seven campuses with six of those on military installations.

“This grand opening is our first campus aboard a Marine Corps base,” Mejia said. “They are predominantly for service members who will be leaving the Marine Corps. We have another campus, which is also our corporate headquarters, out of Tehachapi, California. This is where we send our veterans, civilians and dependents.”

As these transitioning service members complete this course, they will also be placed with a job before the end of their seven weeks.

“The ‘making a connection’ is my favorite part of the company,” Mejia said. “It is called our career placement. Once you are a part of the Airstreams family, you are always a part of the Airstreams family.”

Service members that complete this course at ARI will have a lifetime of help. ARI will continue to go over resumes and conduct mock interviews as well as continue with job placement years after course completion.

“We don’t give them anything. It is a learning process,” said Richardson. “We’re a family for life, so as a graduate, you can come back to the career placement so that we can help you with what you need to get that next job.”