As more and more Marines and their families take trips to Onslow Beach this summer, they need to be aware of the restrictions that are in place, especially after construction work to repair damages from last year’s hurricanes.

The north side, or left side, if you are entering the beach from the bridge, of the beach is no longer open all the way to the tower. Dangerous debris has washed up and rebar has been exposed in the wake of the storm, so the beach is marked off to clearly show these restricted areas. There are also nearby lifeguards who will inform visitors where it’s safe to go.

The restrooms located in the pavilions are still open to the public. However, the conference rooms are still closed due to damages from the storms. The small lodges available for rental are currently operating but they are booked through the summer. All of the other housing options at the beach are currently off limits, soon to be repaired or moved to another location.

“By the 4th of July, we will have a couple of the wooden walkways done so that everybody will be able to walk over to the beach,” said Yolanda Mayo, deputy operations officer for Marine Corps Community Services Lejeune-New River. “The walkways that come up to the pavilions are being worked on right now, too.”

For the 4th of July event this year, parking will be at GP13, the landing zone on the other side of the bridge, across from the beach. There will be shuttles running from GP13 to the beach starting at 3 pm, so if Marines and families would like to arrive earlier, they will have to walk the short distance to the beach. Vendors will be opening at noon on the beach.

The Mike Corrado Band, featuring Marine Colonel Mike Corrado will take the stage at 7 p.m. and play until the fireworks display begins. There will be food and beverage vendors, as well as an open beach for everyone to enjoy. Anyone who has access to the base is welcome to come to the 4th of July festivities this year.