Marine Sgt. Maj. Charles A. Metzger, sergeant major of Marine Corps Installations East – Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, called the formation to order. Right on cue, the pinwheels he had just helped plant in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month begin to spin, though one, he noticed, was being a bit disobedient. He turned it to the right, and the pinwheels were in the proper formation.

Marine Corps Community Services Camp Lejeune – New River started putting up about 3,000 silver and blue pinwheels around Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, March 29. The pinwheels are designed to bring attention to Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

Volunteers, including Metzger, started with 480 pinwheels planted in front of the Naval Medical Center Russell Annex on Brewster Boulevard on Camp Lejeune.

“It’s important to show full support for this event and for the month,” Metzger said. “We need to continue to reflect on the importance of our children and keeping them safe so they have an environment in which to prosper.”

Vehicles cruised along Brewster Boulevard, one of the busiest corridors on Camp Lejeune. One driver honked a horn in support of the volunteers and the pinwheel garden.

“I think when everyone sees the representation of the pinwheels, it helps them remember what we are here for,” Metzger said.

After planting the pinwheels in front of the Naval Medical Center Russell Annex, the volunteers were given bags of pinwheels that are to be displayed in other locations as well as at base libraries. Naval Medical Center Camp Lejeune also has a display of pinwheels, which are the symbol for Child Abuse Prevention Month.

For more information on child abuse prevention, go online to the Family Advocacy Program website at