When it comes to retirements, change of commands and post and reliefs on Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point, there’s always something in common, the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (2D MAW) Band. Let me take you On the Job with Cherry Point's own.

The 2D MAW band has its arms full supplying MCAS Cherry Point with all its musical needs. They spend hours in the rehearsal room fine-tuning their abilities and learning new instruments. But its members are not just playing instruments all the time, they are providing administrative support and even instrument repair.

"We're attached to Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2," said U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Cheyenne K. Kilian, a basic musician, at MCAS Cherry Point. "But we do all of our administrative work."

The 2D MAW Band is a ceremonious band and will often break apart in quartets to provide everyone with live music. They don't just provide music they also provide a show. The marching is the show stopper, the members take steps in precision and perform to a specific degree of excellence. Band members are always ready to perform and have their dress blue uniforms ready to don at a moment's notice.

May and August are the band's busiest times of the year. They practice their drill movements and play loud and clear for everyone to hear. The 2D MAW Band isn't just for MCAS Cherry Point. It plays for the local communities and has even taken tours all around the United States on several occasions. The band has also appeared internationally. It performs at renowned events such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana, the 9/11 ceremonies in New York, and the Kentucky Derby and St. Patrick’s Day Parades in Kentucky.

2D MAW Band's reputation is a notable asset of MCAS Cherry Point.