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The Marine Corps is working on a new course of fire for the annual rifle qualification (ARQ) with the intent of building a more lethal Marine Corps.

“Marksmanship is not a one-size fits all type of skill,” said Col. Howard Hall, commanding officer, Weapons Training Battalion, Marine Corps Base Quantico. “Instead of following prescribed annual rifle training, this new course is train as you fight. Instead of focusing on shooting for score, this proposed ARQ course of fire trains Marines to shoot for lethal effect. What this is going to do is help us define exactly what it is for every Marine to be a rifleman.”

The ARQ will remain the same in entry level training to provide new Marines the foundation for marksmanship.

If you are interested in participating in the phase two testing for ARQ, contact your local marksmanship training unit, unit gunner or Weapons Training Battalion Quantico.