The new Range and Training Area Management (RTAM) buildings are soon to be open for business. The move began on Feb. 4, and the training support services will be operational in the new facility no later than March 1.

The RTAM offices, including Range Control, will be located in building 1043. This facility will be the site for future Range Safety Officer (RSO) classes, increasing the capacity to nearly 75 students. Units desiring to checkout a range for Feb. 25 must do so prior to noon on Feb. 22. Personnel wanting to check out ranges will continue to do so at building 54 until Feb. 22. From Feb. 26 and thereafter, Marines will have to go to building 1043.

The maintenance and supply facility, building 1047, will provide the Navy Boat Crew with storage area for all boats, a service and repair area and office space for the crews. The building will also house the supply section that services all of G-3/5.

The largest of the three buildings is the Simulator Center, located at building 1046.

The Sim Center includes the Convoy Combat Simulator (CCS), the Supporting Arms Virtual Training (SAVT), the Operator Driver Systems (ODS), the HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainers (HEATs), the MRAP Egress Trainers (METs), 24 Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainers (ISMTs) divided into eight separate shooting areas, the Range Training Integrated Systems Support (RTISS) warehouse, including an outdoor classroom/demonstration area, all Minor Training Devices, two 25-person classrooms and one 50-person classroom.

All of the new facilities are equipped with break areas, vending areas and multiple rest rooms. Classrooms are all equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, desks and seating.

Located adjacent to the brig on Duncan Street in the industrial area on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, the facility is easily recognizable by the large communications tower immediately adjacent to the building, with ample parking provided for visitors and guests in the south parking lot. Units desiring to use the training systems in building 1046 should coordinate and schedule training through the following points of contact:

— Simulators (CCS, SAVT, HEAT, MET, ODS): Mike Stewart, 450-5126.

— 2nd Division ISMTs: Staff Sgt. Fox, Division Combat Skills Training Company

— General Support ISMTs: Mike Stewart, 450-5126

— RTISS Equipment (I-TESS, CIED, etc): David McMullen 451-9009

— Classrooms: Mike Stewart, 450-5126

— Minor Training Devices: Mike Stewart, 450-5126.