Col. Russell Burton

Marine Corps Air Station New River Commanding Officer

It’s been a while since I’ve written so I’d like open by wishing a belated Happy New Year to the station community. This year promises to be another active year aboard the Station with no shortage of challenges, but also a year with plenty of opportunities. From a station perspective, you’ll see a number of demolition projects throughout the remainder of the year. Please bear with us as we rid ourselves of costly excess capacity so the savings can be reinvested into readiness. You’ll also hear a lot about energy awareness and the station putting a concerted effort into reducing its energy consumption. Finally, be on the lookout for the station’s social media initiatives to get the word out about the goods and services available to the station community. The station’s Facebook page is the main repository of information (www.facebook.com/mcasnewriver). There, you’ll find the RealQuick videos as well as Station information, calendars, and stories about the Station’s Marines. You’ll see a number of new video offerings posted here as well throughout the year. A new medium for the Station will use this year to tell the station’s story is Snapchat. A number of stories have already been posted and there’s been some really good feedback. Add MCASNewRiver (one word) to your Snapchat Friends to get Station stories.

Keep sending your ICE comments: we read each and every one of them. Recently, I’ve received a number of ICE comments that are unhappy with the change in the Dining Facility breakfast hours. Thanks for the comments, but the hours change was in response to requests from the tenant units.

I want to take a moment to congratulate Ms. Kara Fernandez of Delalio Elementary School for her selection as the 2018 DoDEA Mid-Atlantic District Teacher of the Year. The DoDEA Mid-Atlantic District is comprised of DoDEA School Communities in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, so her selection is especially noteworthy given the size of the teacher population. We are very fortunate to have teachers of Ms. Fernandez’ caliber educating our children. I am proud for her and the student life she touches.

Finally, I’d also like to congratulate the recent graduates of Corporal’s Course 2-17. I appreciate the difficulties you all face to complete your PME while maintaining your day jobs and collateral duties and commend you all for your commitment to preparing your mind.

Semper Fi,

Col. Burton