Sgt. John Binda stands in front of fuel systems at Marine Corps Air Station New River, Feb. 21. Binda has been in the Marine Corps for over three years and plans to become a police officer when his enlistment is over. Bulk fuel specialists handle fuel and refuel helicopters. Binda is a bulk fuel specialist.

Many people know what they want to be when they grow up, but Sgt. John Binda wasn’t so sure. Toward the end of his time in high school Binda’s eye was caught by the Marine Corps.

"I had thoughts of college at first but as time went on I went to college fairs and saw the Marine Corps booth and was hooked," said Binda.

Binda became a bulk fuel specialist and is attached to Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron on Marine Corps Air Station New River. Later, he wants to become a police officer and thought the Marine Corps would be a good background for it.

"Originally it was just something I always wanted to do," said Binda. "The Marine Corps was also a stepping stone to becoming a police officer because you get the veteran status. Once I get out it’ll be a huge benefit for my career after the Marine Corps."

A career after the Marine Corps is not the only thing Binda will take away from it. The experience of being a Marine and how it has changed him will go with him as he leaves the Marine Corps.

"The Marine Corps has definitely had a positive effect on my life I’m a lot more confident than I used to be, and I’m not afraid to talk to anybody. I mean everyone is human, I should have known that a long time ago. I’m glad it molded me into a better person and a better man overall."

After joining the Marine Corps Binda noticed that his friends took interest in the Marne Corps as well.

"I started a trend where I’m from because eight out of 10 of my best friends all joined the Marine Corps three months to a year after I did. They saw what my outcome was and they followed it. Now they’re all in the Marine Corps spread all over the world."

Binda hopes to finish his enlistment and become a police officer in his home town, Boston Massachusetts. Although Binda wants to leave to become a police officer he doesn’t want to cut all his ties to the Marine Corps.

"It was all mainly so I can become a police officer in the city of Boston, I’d like to still have ties to the Marine Corps so I’ll probably go to the reserves to still be in a group of people fighting the same fight. I’m glad I didn’t end up going to college because it probably would have been a bad turn out the way I was going so I’m more than happy that I joined the Marine Corps instead of anything else."