Marine Corps Air Station New River Marines, Sailors, Department of Defense civilians and station residents are invited to participate in Spring Clean 2017 Apr. 17 through 21. The air station is putting on the event to promote safety, health, wellness and overall appearance of the community.

"Spring Clean is our Earth Day event where we ask the units… to just basically clean up their work spaces. Get rid of trash, dunnage and stuff like that that is just piled up over the year," said Kirk Kropinack, environmental affairs department director.

There are two major cleanups during the event. The New River Marina shoreline cleanup was held April 19. Volunteers from Headquarter and Headquarters Squadron and the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training participated in the event.

The next cleanup is the roadside cleanup on Highway 17 in front of the air station’s main gate on April 21.

"Spring Clean is an opportunity to bring New River civilians together to help clean up the air station and Highway 17 outside of New River. It is important to respect our station, community and environment," said Theresa Wittner, past Spring Clean participant.

Students from Delalio Elementary School participated in a paper bag decorating contest to promote Earth Day and reusing materials.

"This year we got with Delalio Elementary and the commissary (did) an Earth Day grocery bag contest," said Kropinack. "They had kids decorate paper grocery bags from the commissary. Then (Col. Russell Burton, Sgt. Maj. Charles Metzger) and I voted on the top bags in each class. Those kids are going to win some prizes and have lunch with (Burton)."

The winning bags will be put up for display in the commissary April 22. All the other bags will be used that day and go home with customers.

"As an air station we have the responsibility to encourage the community to care about the environment," said Wittner. "Encouraging our youth to be proactive in taking care of the environment ensures the future generations have the ability to care for the planet."

The environmental affairs division is offering a chance for residents to turn in household hazardous material.

"Folks on base are invited to bring us old paint, solvents and stuff they can’t throw away. Bring it to us, we’ll take care of it and dispose of it properly," said Kropinack.

For more information on the household hazardous material turn in contact Larry Lanier at 449-5997.