Commanding General MCIEAST-MCB Camp Lejeune

Brig Gen. Benjamin T. Watson

Communication Strategy and Operations Director

Nat Fahy

Email: nat.fahy@usmc.mil

Media and Digital Engagement Officer in Charge

1st Lt. Andrew Martino

Email: andrew.martino@usmc.mil

Production Chief

Cpl. Nikki Morales

Email: nikki.morales@usmc.mil

Managing Editor

Pat Gruner

Phone: 910-451-7419
Email: pgruner@camplejeuneglobe.com

Sports Writer

Calvin Shomaker

Phone: 910-451-7419

Graphic Designer

Shelly Bukoskey

Phone: 910-451-7419
Email: sbukoskey@camplejeuneglobe.com

Carolina Living Editor

Erin Vance

Phone: 910-451-7419
Email: evance@camplejeuneglobe.com