Q: What have your Devil Pup teammates meant to you this season?

A: Wrestling is an individual sport, but people are brought together [through wrestling]. We are all going through similar aches and pains to get where we are today. We have a sense of unity and are strong as a team.

Q: What has it mean to you to be a Devil Pup?

A: It has been an excellent experience in my opinion. I used to live in Indiana and the whole student-athlete experience is completely different here. Being a Devil Pup is unique to Camp Lejeune and you won’t be able to get that feeling anywhere else.

Q: How would you describe your leadership style?

A: I don’t really talk all that much, but I lead my team through my actions. Monkey see, monkey do. If you are looking up to someone constantly trying to get better, the team is going to follow behind that getting better overall.

Q: What is your favorite color and why?

A: My favorite color is blue even though my team colors throughout my high school career have been red. Someone once did a presentation about me and I told them my favorite color was blue. They said it made sense because it is a calm color like being at the beach. People also forget that wrestling is like the violent crash of a wave.

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