A Marine stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune tied for 8th at the 2019 Armed Forces Golf Championship in May.

2nd Lt. Nick Brediger carded two rounds under par to finish +3 in the four-day tournament that was held at Falcon Dunes Golf Course at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, May 15-18. Brediger, a logistics officer with Headquarters Battalion, 2nd Marines Division, traveled to Luke AFB a week prior to the championship to compete in the trial camp where he qualified for the All-Marine team and earned its number one spot.

“It was definitely an honor and a privilege to represent the Marine Corps on the All-Marine golf team,” said Brediger, who played four years of college golf at Radford University in Virginia from 2013 to 2017. “I couldn’t have asked for a better group of men and women to be my teammates.”

Brediger’s team members had a mix of ranks, ranging from sergeant to major, and experience levels that included first-time All-Marine golfers and some golfers who had been competing at the championship for nearly a decade or more. The team’s diversity made for a unique experience, Brediger explained.

“I didn’t know one person going in there and I came out of there with eight or nine new friends,” Brediger said. “It’s been two or three weeks now and we are still communicating, and this weekend I’m actually playing golf with one of the Marines that was there, so I can see from that one tournament that I’ve got friendships for a lifetime now.”

The Air Force men won their eighth team title in ten years with a score of 51-under par as they had golfers claim each of the top-five spots. Brediger was the Marine Corps’ top finisher among five other Marines who placed in the top-25. The All-Marine women’s team finished third overall and had three women Marines place in the top-10.

“I was surprised at the quality of players that the other branches have,” Brediger said. “They have some really, really good golfers. I was impressed with them.”

The top six men and top three women finishers qualified for the U.S. Armed Forces Golf teams which will go on to compete in the 7th Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) Military World Games in Wuhan, China on October 18-28, 2019. Brediger, who was six strokes shy of making the national team, will serve as an alternate in case the team needs a replacement. Though he feels that he played and hit the ball well, Brediger knows that he lost some shots with his putting and could have scored better in certain situations. In the second and third rounds, Brediger had three and four-under par rounds going into the final two holes only to finish at one-under par in both rounds. Despite the disappointment of missed opportunities on the course, Brediger is motivated to come back and contend at next year’s championship. 

“Playing in the Armed Forces Championship kind of sparked my fired again for golf,” Brediger said. “I’m definitely looking forward to next year. I want to practice and prepare for it and see if we can go out there and win.”

Brediger, who is from Roanoke, Va., began playing golf in middle school and has been in the Marine Corps for going on two years. He won the Camp Lejeune Base Championship at Paradise Point Golf Course in the fall of 2018.

“My favorite part about golf [has] got to be how quickly things can change and how you have to adapt and overcome the situation," said Brediger. "That’s what Marines do. You can be having a good round, going along, and something happens and you have to battle and be able to roll with the punches and continue on.”

The Armed Forces Sports program offers 25 men and women team and individual sports. Annually it holds 16 Armed Forces Sports Championships and nine qualifying events and participates in 16 CISM Military World Championships. CISM is the second largest multi-sport discipline organization behind only the International Olympic Committee.

2019 Armed Forces Golf Championship Results

Falcon Dunes Golf Course, Luke Air Force Base, Arizona

May 15-18, par 71

T-8th, 2ndLt. Nick Brediger, Camp Lejeune, NC, USMC:

Rd 1 – 74, Rd 2 – 70, Rd 3 – 70, Rd 4 – 73, Total – 287 (+3)

Top three finishers (men):

1st – Capt. Kyle Westmoreland, U.S. Air Force Academy, CO - USAF (271)

2nd – Capt. Andrew Fecteau, Minot AFB, ND - USAF (272)

3rd – Capt. Brandon Johnson, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH - USAF (273)

Top Marine finishers (men):

T-8th - 2ndLt. Nick Brediger, Camp Lejeune, NC – USMC (287)

T-13th – Gunnery Sgt. Ryan Pippen, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (292)

16th – Staff Sgt. David Banks, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (295)

T-19th – Capt. Michael Cathey, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (299)

22nd – Sgt. Zachary Selvig, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (304)

23rd – Gunnery Sgt. Travis Barnes, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (305)

Top three finishers (women):

1st – 2nd Lt. Melanie DeLeon, USAG Bavaria, Germany - Army (294)

2nd - Lt Col. Linda Jeffery, Maxwell AFB, AL - USAF (309)

3rd – Lt. Laurel Gill, Naval Air Station North Island, CA - Navy (315)

Top Marine finishers (women):

T-6th – Maj. Susan Upward, 29 Palms, CA - USMC (368)

8th – Gunnery Sgt. Cydney Rose, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (383)

9th – Master Gunnery Sgt. Carla Perez, Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC (397)