Distancing reminders displayed in carts at Paradise Point Golf Course

Social distancing guidelines are displayed in a golf cart at Paradise Point Golf Course on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. The “Back2Golf” graphic reminds golfers of the following tips and safe habits: 1. Always stay six feet apart from others, 2. Stay home if you have a fever or feel sick, 3. Avoid large gatherings, 4. If in doubt, don’t touch it, 5. Always mark your ball clearly, 6. Wear a face covering when taking a lesson, 7. Avoid handshakes and high-fives, 8. Respect the game and all involved and 9. Remember to wash your hands after playing. Additional protocols being taken by Paradise Point include limiting the number of people in the pro shop, mandating facial coverings while inside, no touching the flag stick and enter/exit the building from the rear doors.