Week 1 Pick 'ems

With the official start to the high school and college football seasons this weekend, we begin our season-long football pick ‘ems. Each week, staff members from The Globe and other guest pickers will pick winners to each week’s selection of football games.

As for scoring, which is important when it comes to side bets among the pickers, Games of the Week will count two points, whereas all other games count one point if picked correctly.

This week’s College Game of the Week is Florida versus Miami (FL) in Orlando on Saturday. The Gators are ranked eighth in the Preseason AP Top 25 Poll, which is why two of our three pickers went with them.

This week’s High School Game of the Week is Jacksonville at Southwest Onslow and is expected to be one of the best local games of the year. The Jacksonville Cardinals made it to the 3A state championship game last season, and Southwest Onslow was one game away from the 2A state title game. This matchup could go either way, but something tells me that Jacksonville will have a slight edge despite being the away team.

As for the confidence factor in this week’s picks, all three pickers said they were most confident in Clemson picking up the win over Georgia Tech at home than any other pick this week. The Tigers are the preseason’s number one-ranked team for the first time in program history, and they have their standout quarterback Trevor Lawrence back after winning last year’s national championship. Most experts expect Clemson to be one of the last team’s standing at the end of this season’s playoff if Lawrence can stay healthy.

This week's pickers:

Calvin Shomaker, sports writer

1st Lt. Andrew Martino, Media and Digital Engagement Officer in Charge

Pat Gruner, managing editor

This week's picks:

College Game of the Week: Florida vs. Miami (FL) in Orlando (8/24)

Shomaker, Martino - Florida

Gruner - Miami 

Arizona @ Hawaii (8/24) 

Shomaker, Martino, Gruner - Arizona 

UCLA @ Cincinnati (8/29)

Shomaker - UCLA

Martino, Gruner - Cincinnati 

Georgia Tech @ Clemson (8/29)

Shomaker, Martino, Gruner - Clemson 

Utah @ BYU (8/29)

Shomaker, Martino, Gruner - Utah

High School Game of the Week: Jacksonville @ Southwest Onslow (8/23)

Shomaker, Martino - Jacksonville

Gruner - Southwest Onslow