Southwest Onslow High School junior Michayla Wittner was been working on her golf game while social distancing. 

We asked local athletes how they are dealing with COVID-19’s effects on sports, school and life in general.

Michayla Wittner, junior at Southwest Onslow

  • Staying active by: practicing golf and going for runs.
  • Found positives in: getting ahead in school and spending more time with family.
  • Hardest part: maintaining skills, keeping up with school while social distancing and eating healthy.
  • Advice for others: don’t overthink things and take a break from technology.

Ethan Skillings, senior at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: lifting weights and working out from home.
  • One positive: having more time to lift.
  • Hardest part: not being able to get together with the team and work on baseball skills.
  • Misses most: seeing friends and making those bonds and memories.

Noah Tungett, senior at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: doing low weight, high repetition workouts and running.
  • Misses most: friends, going to school and working as a lifeguard.
  • Is training for: Virginia Tech’s Corps of Cadets School

Georgia Lee, senior at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: running, biking, playing tennis and juggling a soccer ball.
  • Hardest part: missing out on senior opportunities, hanging out with friends and making memories.
  • Has enjoyed: Running (three to eight miles) and going on long bike rides (10 to 20 miles).

Hannah Velarde, senior at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: distance running, sprinting, doing core workouts and weight training.
  • Hardest part: not seeing friends.
  • Found positives in: being able to work out for longer and focus on different workouts.

Caroline Morgan, senior at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: running.
  • Hardest part: thinking about all the seniors and what they are missing.
  • Found positives in: spending time with family and having a flexible workout schedule.

Robbie Morgan, sophomore at Lejeune High

  • Staying active by: working out at home, playing golf and working on soccer skills.
  • Found positives in: being able to play golf and have more family time.

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