The Marine Aircraft Group 29 (MAG-29) intramural soccer team scored a pair of first-half goals that went unanswered by the 8th Communications Battalion (8th Comm. Bn.) team to win the MCCS Lejeune-New River Sports intramural soccer league championship at Liversedge Field on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Sept. 16.

With the 2-0 victory, the MAG-29 team captured its second league title in three years under the guidance of Gunnery Sgt. Bryan Pfeiffer, the team’s head coach.

“It’s a great group of guys,” said Pfeiffer, a calibration technician. “They really work well as a team. There is a lot of good skill, but they focus more on the team aspect … They really put a lot into practice and it showed here tonight.”

MAG-29 scored its first goal of the match when a shot from Lance Cpl. Adom Quaye off a pass from Pfeiffer got over the head of 8th Comm. Bn.’s goalkeeper towards the end of the first half.

Several minutes later, Cpl. Hamed Sirleaf, a helicopter mechanic, drew a penalty on an 8th Comm. Bn. defender at a close distance in front of the goal. Sgt. Edgar Torres, an aircraft avionics technician, stepped up and made the penalty kick to score MAG-29’s second and final goal of the game just before halftime.

Following a season-opening loss, MAG-29 finished its season with an 8-1-1 record, going undefeated after the first match loss.

“We started the season kind of slow because we didn’t really know each other and how we work,” said Quaye, who is an aviation electronic instrument and cable repair technician. “After the second game, we clicked and we were undefeated every game after the first one.”

MAG-29, the three seed out of the Scarlet Division, outscored their opponents 5-0 in the playoffs and allowed just five goals in all 10 of their matches combined. In the championship match, Cpl. Zackary Sieber filled in well for goalkeeper Cpl. Christopher Heyer who went on leave prior to the final.

“This year we actually had a great team, a very young team as well,” Torres said. “We all got along well together, played our hearts out and everyone kept running the whole game. When people put out, the results show for themselves.”

8th Comm. Bn., the three seed out of the Gold Division, finished its season with a 6-4-0 record.


MAG-29 – Lance Cpl. Adom Quaye, assisted by Gunnery Sgt. Bryan Pfeiffer

MAG-29 – Sgt. Edgar Torres (Penalty Kick)