Camp Lejeune competition to be held in March 

The Marine Corps Shooting Team’s series of two-week long Marine Corps Marksmanship Competitions (MCMC) begins Dec. 9 at Camp Hanson in Okinawa.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii hosts their MCMC beginning Jan. 27 while Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at 29 Palms begins their MCMC Feb. 10. The final of four MCMCs, or divisional matches, will be held at the Stone Bay Rifle Range on MCB Camp Lejeune, March 23 through April 5.

Marines attending the regional MCMC will receive advanced marksmanship training within the action shooting discipline while completing their annual rifle and pistol training requirements.

“MCMCs give Marines the opportunity to compete in marksmanship, just like in any other sport,” said Maj. Mark O’Driscoll, officer in charge, Marine Corps Shooting Team. “Competition breeds excellence.”

O’Driscoll said one motivating factor to perform well in the MCMC is bragging rights for the Marines and units that earn trophies and medals. MCMCs are also a good way for Marines to evaluate their readiness against other Marines from base. Those that participate can take what they’ve learned back to their units to help improve the overall marksmanship of their fellow Marines.

“It’s an opportunity for commands to get more Marines qualified and to identify Marines who are passionate about [competitive shooting],” O’Driscoll said.

The first step for Marines interested in participating in the regional MCMC is to read the MARADMIN on the 2020 Competition-In-Arms program and get command approval. Next, Marines should contact their regional Formal Marksmanship Training Unit (FMTU). For the Camp Lejeune competition, Weapons Training Battalion is the FMTU that will serve as the lead planner for the competition. The final step is to register online.

O’Driscoll encourages interested Marines to visit the Marine Corps Shooting Team’s social media pages in order to see what action shooting looks like.

Marines who finish in the top 10% at their MCMC will earn the appropriate competitive marksmanship medal and an invitation to the MCMC Championship Match that will be held April 8-24 at MCB Quantico.

Retired Marines, prior service Marines and law enforcement officers may also participate by getting authorization from the hosting command.

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