When I first heard about National Hunting and Fishing Day, I automatically assumed it was some type of marketing tactic like National Taco Day or National Donut Day. Being skeptical, I started to research and what I found was the history of hunting and fishing that led to the declaration of … Read more

You do not have to tell me twice that stretching is good for you. However, you do have to tell me a third time before I actually cave in and do some stretching. I don’t know what it is but something about the simple act annoys me. It isn’t really time consuming but it seems so much easier to… Read more

When the average person hears about hunting season, their mind automatically goes to deer hunting. The big game steals the spot light about 90 percent of the time. I am going to dim the light on the deer for just a little and give it to the doves. Read more

Most people mentally dismiss themselves whenever they see the word marathon. I know I do. I can handle doing the cute 5K races that Marine Corps Community Services puts on year round but a marathon is typically out of the question. However, I have pondered the thought on what it would take t… Read more

A sauna is a climate controlled room that usually holds an average temperature of 172 degrees Fahrenheit. Normally, the walls and seating are made out of wood and the heat source is visible. There are several different types of saunas, wet, dry, smoke and steam. The most popular ones found a… Read more

Having access to beautiful hunting grounds is something that many have been blessed with here on Camp Lejeune. Hunting season is rapidly approaching and I want to share the excitement and experience of the season. Read more

Self-myofascial release (SMR), also known as foam rolling has become a major step in most workout recovery exercises. Some people who are familiar with the exercise can relate to the saying “It hurts so good” as you basically tenderize your muscles. Read more

The salty sea is not the only place around here that you can catch scaly friends. There is a wide variety of freshwater ponds spread throughout Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Fish such as carp, catfish, yellow perch, blue gill, sunfish and the infamous large mouth bass can all be tugging at… Read more