The first two of five events in Semper Fit’s 2019 Hard Corps Series are complete following bench press, bodybuilding and fitness competitions that were held at the Base Theater on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, June 1.

Anthony Woodfolk won the men’s bodybuilding show as Joshua Lee was the men’s retro physique winner and Hayden Eichenseer took the men’s physique crown. Victoria Hubberstey won the women’s physique show and Cary Chase took home the women’s figure championship. Kristin Croake won the bikini show.

“This is a great first time show [for beginners],” said Dennis Yeddo, Camp Lejeune fitness facilities manager. “This is a great show to actually get your feet wet in because we put on a good show and we make it a very friendly atmosphere. We do free posing clinics for [the competitors], so we kind of help guide them through the process.”

In the bench press competition, John Wilkerson won the Masters Category, Rickie Dozier won the Open and Kereem Grant won the Novice. Monica Nilson took first in the women’s Masters Category as Jamie Christensen won the Open and Sanda Heger won the Novice.

This Hard Corps Series event is in its 7th year and is all about promoting a health-conscious lifestyle by providing a fun activity for the MCB Camp Lejeune community, according to Yeddo, who has been working with Semper Fit at MCB Camp Lejeune for 23 years.

“What we try to do is just really promote a health, wellness and fitness atmosphere for the military and their families,” Yeddo, who was the competition’s head judge, said. “It’s just a cool way to introduce new people to the sport and to introduce them to a healthy lifestyle.”

The fitness competition is an opportunity for bodybuilders to show off what they’ve been working on, but the bench press competitors come out to show how much they can lift.

“It’s very fun,” said U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Tim Casto, who competed for the third time in the bench press competition. “I enjoy the competition. It’s fun to come out and pick heavy things up.”

The next Hard Corps Series event will be the Push-Pull Meet on Aug. 17 at 10 a.m. at the Stone Bay Fitness Center. The dates for the remaining Hard Corps events, the Strongman and Powerlifting competitions, have yet to be set.

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Hard Corps Classic Bodybuilding & Fitness Competition (June 1, 2019, Camp Lejeune Base Theater) Results:

Men’s Bodybuilding Show Winner: Anthony Woodfolk

Men’s Retro Physique Show Winner: Joshua Lee

Men’s Physique Show Winner: Hayden Eichenseer

Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Winner: Dee Lafana

Men’s Physique Open Winner: Hayden Eichenseer

Men’s Physique Master’s Winner: Dac Carpenter

Women’s Physique Show Winner: Victoria Hubberstey

Women’s Figure Show Winner: Cary Chase

Women’s Figure Open Winner: Cary Chase

Women’s Figure Master’s Winner: Cary Chase

Women’s Figure Novice Winner: Abigail Eggleston

Bikini Show Winner: Kristin Croake

Bikini Open Winner: Kristin Croake

Bikini Master’s Winner: Amanda Bublitz

Bikini Novice Winner: Lesa Anderson

Bench Press Competition:


1st place, Masters Category – John Wilkerson

1st place, Open Category – Rickie Dozier

1st place, Novice Category – Kareem Grant


1st place, Masters Category – Monica Nilson

1st place, Open Category – Jamie Christensen

1st place, Novice Category – Sanda Heger