Sports Talk with Sokol

Current position: Multimedia Copy Editor on Gannett’s Carolinas East Production Desk

Previous job: Sports writer for The Globe

Favorite sports team: New York Yankees

CS: Who is your favorite Yankee of all-time?

MS: Derek Jeter

CS: What do you miss most about working for The Globe?

MS: Covering the Devil Pups. I think it was a very special thing to be able to cover Lejeune. It was a very unique beat, and I miss the writing.

CS: What were a couple of the highlights during your time here?

MS: The Lejeune boys’ soccer team’s playoff run in 2018 (state semifinals) and the girls’ tennis team’s incredible playoff run in 2018 (state semifinals).

CS: Who was the best high school athlete you saw play while working for The Globe?

MS: Desmond Johnson, not just because of his on-the-field play, but also because of his character and his professionalism. He had that Marine Corps mentality, which makes sense being at Lejeune, but he was just a great guy overall.

CS: How would you sum up the value of newspapers for community members?

MS: Local journalism is very important. I think people in the local community depend on that news and want to hear that news. It’s our responsibility to provide that story to them and do it in an ethical manner … In these tough times for journalism, I think journalists have to stick together. They have to continue to tell that story no matter the hard times we are in, but I think journalism is still going strong.

CS: What advice would you give to kids who are considering a career in journalism?

MS: Experience, experience, experience … Give it time (and) put the hard work in because good things take a lot of effort. Just stick with it.

CS: What’s something you’re looking forward to when sports return?

MS: To see baseball start. I think it’s really weird not seeing any games right now, and all sports in general; it’s just a part of our lives. There will be a sense of normalcy when we do see sports again, even if it’s not in person.

Sports Talk is a Q&A series in which sports writer Calvin Shomaker talks with people who work in sports media.