Publication: Washington Daily News

Job title: Sports Editor

Favorite sports team: Tennessee Volunteers

Years at WDN: 1

Sports Talk is a Q&A series in which sports writer Calvin Shomaker talks with people who work in sports media.

CS: What has been the hardest part of this pandemic for you?

MT: Probably just my everyday schedule … My schedule is completely different than what it used to be, and I am a very routine-oriented guy, so it’s definitely been a switch.

CS: Who is your favorite Tennessee Volunteer of all-time?

MT: That’s tough. Everybody’s answer is usually Peyton Manning or something like that, but (because I was) able to go to school with Alvin Kamara and pick his brain a few times and talk to him, Alvin Kamara is probably my favorite Tennessee Vol of all-time.

CS: What do you enjoy most about being a sports editor?

MT: The relationships with the kids … I’ve had an absolute blast getting to know kids from this area … Being able to go to a sporting event every night and getting to watch high level competition is the best thing in the world, and there’s really no other job that could fulfil me the way that sports editing does.

CS: Is there a matchup that you most look forward to covering in the Washington area?

MT: Anytime Washington plays Greene Central in basketball I know that it’s going to be an absolute slobberknocker. Kinston basketball, anytime they come into town I’m always ready to watch them.

CS: Are there any local players people should keep an eye on?

MT: There is one kid I would watch out for on the Washington football team next year, and that’s Hayes Pippin, if he can come back from his ACL injury all good. That kid is special. He led a fourth quarter comeback in a JV game last year against Tarboro and ended up throwing like five or six touchdown passes in the game. He is more of a pocket presence, but he can roll out of the pocket and get you some yards with his feet. If he can stay healthy in high school for his last two years then he is going to be an absolute problem.

CS: What is something you want people to know about what we do?

MT: We put our heart and soul into it. Right now with the coronavirus stuff going on, we have to be 100% certain that we are putting correct information out there because misinformation spreads so quickly. Especially in a local newspaper you can get so much correct information. Not only that, but you get to see the good side of things, too, that’s the best thing about little community newspapers … You get to see the good things happening around the community.