After the Lejeune High School wrestling team lost to Pender High School to start 2019, LHS assistant coach Blake Peek said that wrestling is an individual sport but also a team sport in which every individual match means something to the overall score. Peek isn’t wrong, and as the Devil Pups… Read more

Basketball season is well under way at Camp Johnson. Each week, Marines take off their uniforms and put on the proper gear to play some basketball. When Marines are done with their day in the school house, they need some sort of relaxation time. The intramural basketball league at Camp Johns… Read more

One simply cannot talk about sports without mentioning leadership. Leadership doesn’t always have to have emotion behind it. Leadership looks different with each individual and each team. Even from coach to coach, expectations of leadership are going to be taught differently — if taught at a… Read more

Hurricane Florence rolled through the coast of North Carolina on Sept. 15 devastating the local community. Homes were destroyed and communities were left broken. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune was no exception. Read more

Lejeune High School athletics faces the challenge every year of drawing its athletes from an always transitioning military community. From August to June, talented athletes come to Lejeune High School, but so few stay for long. When their active-duty parents are assigned a permanent duty sta… Read more

Two in-state rivals went head-to-head last weekend in Greenville, North Carolina and fans sporting the purple and gold had something to cheer about after a mind-blowing performanceon the football field. The East Carolina Pirates pulled off an upset against the Universityof North Carolina Tar… Read more

With college football season starting, let’s not forget about the strong talent that is produced locally here in the Onslow County area. There are plenty of good football teams here, but there are three teams that I believe will be successful throughout the season. Read more

It is that time of year again when our weekends are consumed by watching football. When I think of the National Football League season, the theme song for ESPN Monday Night Football or NBC Sunday Night Football plays in my head. With football comes watching our favorite teams. Read more

The make-it- or-break-it time of the year in Major League Baseball, this year’s trade deadline, on July 31, passed and a few teams took full advantage of swapping players. The trades completed at this point in the season are crucial for making a team a contender or a pretender. There were a … Read more

Civilians and service members run together throughout the year in the Grand Prix Series. Each year, members of the local community enter Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and Marine Corps Air Station New River, to take on the treacherous courses that await them. During 2018, the Grand Prix Seri… Read more

The United States Marine Corps is built off hard work, leadership and camaraderie. Both men and women work to protect this country and the freedom of the citizens in the United States. With the 100 year anniversary honoring females in the Marine Corps, it is important to recognize the influe… Read more

Soccer fans from across the globe cheered passionately for their futbol club over the past month during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. All fans have the dream of their team winning it all on the international stage. All of the hard work, practices, scrimmages and matches all come down to the end f… Read more

LeBron James inked a four-year, $153.3 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers marking the next stepping stone in the 14-time All-Star’s career, July 1. In previous columns, I stated that the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t succeed in the National Basketball Association finals because James didn… Read more

Dwight Howard is on the move again and this time it’s up north to play for the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for center Timofey Mozgov, two second-round picks and cash as reported by Howard played in Charlotte, North Carolina for one year during the 2017-18 season. Howard averaged 16.6… Read more

The transfer process for collegiate athletes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association will be easier this October as the Division I Council announced their approval of a rule change, June 13. Collegiate athletes no longer need to get approval for transferring schools thanks to the eli… Read more

The Golden State Warriors maintained their dominance sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 winning back-to-back National Basketball Association finals championships. This year’s NBA finals was the third victory for the Golden State Warriors out of the last four years. After the series finishe… Read more

With two weeks left until the start of the United States Open golf tournament, Tiger Woods is preparing for the major championship set for June 14-17 at the Shinnecock Hills Golf Course in Southampton, New York. This is the first time that Woods is participating in the U.S. Open since 2015 a… Read more

After taking the 2016-2017 Triple-A league title as the champion of the league, the Durham Bulls are off to another fantastic season in the Bull City. Summertime is here and the team is doing what they have always done best, which is win baseball games. The Durham Bulls (29-21) compete in th… Read more

No one could have imagined what the Vegas Golden Knights have accomplished this season in the National Hockey League even if they looked into a crystal ball one year ago. This has been their season to conquer and they have done it after taking the series from the Winnipeg Jets 4 -1 in the We… Read more

LeBron James is one of the most powerful basketball players in the National Basketball Association. He is an icon in the league known for his overpowering moves to the basket and strong plays on defense. The Cleveland Cavaliers will do well in the Eastern Conference championship round, and t… Read more

Footgolf is one of the newer sports that has come about in the sports world in the last few years. I have always enjoyed playing regular golf, but the hype of footgolf is starting to grow on me. There are a lot of benefits that footgolf has to offer for service members who want to go out and… Read more

When turning on the television to watch the National Hockey League playoffs, you know that the Carolina Hurricanes aren’t playing to compete for the Stanley Cup in 2018. They were 14 points short of making the playoffs at 83 points trailing the New Jersey Devils at 97. The Hurricanes are goi… Read more

Sports like softball and soccer that highlight individualism are open to showing off individual talent compared to a sport like football that is more about the team. It is true that football players score their own points. However, the individualism in softball and soccer can be seen more in… Read more

First off, I would like to introduce myself to everyone here at Camp Lejeune. My name is Matthew Sokol, and I am the new sports writer here at The Globe. To have this opportunity to come to Camp Lejeune is extraordinary. It is not an everyday occurrence that someone says, I get to be a sport… Read more